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Erion IPv6 News

I was honored to be invited to talk with Ed Horley and Scott Hogg on this week’s packetpushers podcast about Overcoming the Big Three Objections to IPv6 Adoption. We discussed the three main objections that I face when engaging with Erion’s clients in IPv6 deployments and how I respond to them. In particular, we discussed the ... [More]

We are pleased to announce a new and even more comprehensive version of our IPv6 Forensics training course. The new course is five days long rather than four and we have included even more material and exercises to an already extensive and detailed course. This course is designed for network security professionals and network forensics practitioners ... [More]

In January, I was honored to be invited to speak on IPv6 security at the UK Network Operators Forum (UKNOF42). The UKNOF is a not-for-profit organisation seeking to improve co-ordination between IP network operators in the UK to enhance the efficiency and stability of the UK’s network infrastructure. Their events attract a wide-range of presenters ... [More]

On a recent flight to the US I sat next to the IT director for a global corporation. He asked me why I was travelling, to which I answered that I was giving the keynote presentation at an IPv6 conference held by the US Federal government. Without hesitation, his response was “IPv6 is ... [More]

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