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Erion IPv6 News

As the world’s leading IPv6 training company, we are pleased to announced that we will be running some of our most popular IPv6 courses in Edinburgh, UK during 2017. These include our comprehensive 5-day Implementing and Securing IPv6 course which covers all that you need to deploy and secure IPv6 in your networks. Erion has over 19 ... [More]

At long last Amazon have announced native IPv6 support for EC2 instances in Amazon VPCs. This is great news for those whose IPv6 deployments have been held back by the lack of native IPv6 support in EC2. The IPv6 service was first released in a limited deployment in the US East (Ohio) Region back in December ... [More]

Further proof of the rise of IPv6 and the decline of IPv4 appeared yesterday with an announcement from the Internet Architecture Board (IAB) that IPv4 is to be declared historic by the IETF. The IAB expects the IETF to stop working on IPv4 and its associated protocols in the near future. Therefore, the IAB recommends ... [More]

Great news for those who want to use IPv6 in the cloud, Azure now has IPv6. The announcement came today on Microsoft’s Azure Blog at, https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/blog/azure-networking-announcements-for-ignite-2016/. Native IPv6 is now available for both Windows and Linux VMs. Microsoft Azure is the second largest public cloud computing service after Amazon Web Services. Whilst Amazon has had support ... [More]

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